Who We Are:

Drawing Board Entertainment is a full service creative agency dedicated to serving the motion picture and home video industries. We work closely with both independent filmmakers as well as distributors creating effective and innovative key art, marketing materials and packaging to get your film sold.

Although we always appreciate having the opportunity to work with some of the bigger names in the entertainment, we also remain dedicated to the independent film community. Too often in the budget crunching that ultimately plagues every independent production, photography and marketing are often overlooked leaving the filmmaker few tools in which to sell their finished product effectively. That is where we come in. In our more than twenty years in the business, we have developed a reputation of being able to create “something from nothing”.

Since it’s inception, The Drawing Board has gathered an impressive client list that includes:

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What We Do:

Key Art:

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. Whether it’s a film, TV show or screenplay, every project has a story that needs telling and that’s what we do. The foundation of every marketing campaign is the key art. It is the single image that represents your project or entertainment brand. To be successful, the key art must capture attention, evoke mood and most importantly tell your story. It does not matter if we are working with images you already have or are starting with concept sketches to stage a photo shoot. Our goal remains the same. To create key art that communicates a “thousand words” with just a single image.

Home Video / VOD Packaging:

Whether building off an existing theatrical campaign or starting from scratch, we create home video campaigns individually tailored for multiple markets, retailers and new digital media platforms. Drawing Board Entertainment is a strategic creative partner to a variety of home video distributors both large and small. We have extensive experience in developing innovative packaging solutions that allow our clients’ projects to stand out in the competitive retail and digital delivery environments.


Every film needs a good trailer and our expertise does not end with just print media. Gone are the days when an independent film did not even need a trailer because it would not be seen either on television or the theater. In this world of YouTube, Vimeo Facebook, Twitter and the like, the playing fields have been all but leveled. Through the power of social media you now have the ability to reach millions of eyes just the same as any studio production. As a result, it has become increasingly important to have a good trailer online to help generate “buzz” for your film. We have assembled an experienced team of producers and editors ready to create an effective trailer that will help get your film noticed.

Our Philosophy:

Our philosophy is simple in that an independent film does not have to look like an “independent film”. Our goal is to create captivating imagery for our clients that allows their project to compete with the big budget studio productions.

Far too often independent film makers allow their films to be represented by artwork that looks amateur at best. Why does this happen? Because usually the filmmaker either designs the poster themselves or has a friend do it for them as opposed to letting a professional handle the job to save money. Sadly this approach can not only make the best of films look bad but also allows them to fade into a sea of other films represented by equally average artwork.

The best way to stand out is with imagery fitting of your had work and dedication that will get your film noticed. Having the right image represent your film or project can be the difference between its success or failure. Whether it be a screenplay cover or a theatrical one sheet, our goal is simple, to make every project we work on look as if it came from a big budget “Hollywood studio” production. Your film deserves no less.

We look forward to hearing about your next project.

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